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Nutrition in Your Life

Nutrition in Your Life

Fitness Always Starts With Nutrition.

Nutrition in Your Life Nutrition in Your Life Updated on: Sun Apr 10 2022

Fitness Start With Nutrition

Believe it or not, you have probably eaten at least 20,000 meals in your lifetime. Without any conscious effort, your body uses the nutrients from those foods to make all its components, fuel all its activities, and defend itself against diseases. How successfully your body handles these tasks depends, in part, on your food choices.

Nutritious food choices support healthy bodies. As you read this article, consider how your current food choices influence your health and risk of chronic diseases. Nutrition has always played a significant role in your life. Daily throughout each day, you select foods that affect your body’s health. Each day’s food choices may benefit or harm health only a little, but over time, the consequences of these choices become major. That being the case, paying close attention to good eating habits now supports health benefits later.  

Conversely, carelessness about food choices can contribute to chronic diseases. Of course, some people will become ill or die young no matter the choices they make. Others will live long lives despite making poor choices. For most of us, however, the food choices we make will benefit or impair our health in proportion to how well those choices meet the body’s needs.

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