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We customize meal plans for you

Meal Plans

We customize meal plans for you.

Think about your health Meal Plans

Diet to your Door.

We create delicious muscle-gain, weight-loss or just Healthy meals, prepared fresh every day and delivered to your home or office. Whether you’re trying to bulk up and build muscle, slim down and shred fat or simply fuel your healthy lifestyle, we have a range of completely customizable meal plans to suit every goal and appetite.

Don’t settle for frozen meals.
We source the freshest , local and imported ingredients and prepare your meals freshly on daily basis.

BEN STYLE the revolutionary health food company

It’s not just about convenience. It’s not simply phenomenal value. It’s more than just amazing taste. At Ben Style, we’re creating a fitter, healthier people. We care about results. We care about the power to take your life back. No more unhealthy fast food, no more skipped meals- and no more hours spent shopping, cooking, and cleaning. 

Ben Style Meal Plans

We provide the complete package. (Daily, weekly and Monthly)  

Choose your menu and make it yours, while monitoring calories and macro-nutrient content. Then enjoy delicious, made-to-order meals delivered straight to your home or office. Become a member to track your nutrition and subscribe to your favorite meal plans (coming soon, customized meal plans available now) with absolutely no contracts. Clean eating has never been this easy- or affordable. 

Our team sets the benchmark for industry-leading excellence. we source the freshest, local & imported ingredients for our kitchen in Ho Chi Minh City, no aspect goes overlooked at Ben Style. We even have a range of meal plans to suit some of the Vietnamese most famous athletes for those looking to fast-track their fitness goals.

It doesn’t matter who you are: Athletes, celebrities, parents, students- whether you’re trying to bulk up and gain muscle, slim down and shred fat or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle with the convenience of premium quality meals delivered to your doorstep, we are your personal chef and we’re ready to help transform your life.

Fatman burger at Ben's Style Food.